Mission statement

This KVR site is about local networking thru business providers and vendors providing resources, information, contacts and experiences that matters to us.

It encourages a personal lifelong commitment to continuous improvement in order to achieve one’s goals and aspirations in life. It is about subjects close to our heart, be it, lifestyle, education, career, personal wealth, health and happiness.

It is our hope that the products, programs or books recommended here enable you, the wisdom seeker, to overcome personal obstacles and accelerate results and discovery of your mission in life.

Remember the difference between a successful man and a failure is very small, both studied hard, worked hard, prayed hard, lived in the same environment and even having the same experiences. The difference is what goes on inside the head, what each experience meant .

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Pls write to mortgage@klangvalleyresources.com

Have a gre-a-a-t day ahead! 



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