Tips on new year resolutions that work 2017

Well, that 2016 went by fast and dangerously.  Now with 2017 waiting for us in the wings. Small business owners and young families across the country are in the midst of this holiday season preparing the new plans for the year.

And then it’s time to start the making resolution thing over again

Past history tells us that less than 10% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually succeed. Though this is not exactly earth shattering news nor suprising—most of us are after all, being faithful to insanity, being habitual good or bad and always repeating the same actions but expecting a new result.

But like me, and you want to start doing the best ways to do this resolution exercise, consider the follow tips that will or might even change your life perspective and hopefully a better future for your future instead.

Let these 4 simple tips signify your best chances to making new year resolutions for the new year.

  1. Know your own goals

Goals should be small, clear, require many steps and allows for meander and ups and downs, simple and less than 3 and personal. Any other than that is a recipe for super humans who like Huckleberry Finns says we don’t need more than our hands to count. Now with that you are set onto the easiest part of making a good resolution that works.

2.   Establish your own indicators

In other words the goals must be measurable, not so unseen or observable improvements. That way you can see your progress and that is how the various improvements starts. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It began with a plan, then stone by stone for foundation, columns, roof and then the floor in that order.

 3.   Maintain a Good History of records

Nothing is achieved unless the progress is recorded for management and maintenance. It should be used as yardstick to ensure the plan and progress are in order and scheduled.

4.   Know Your Scores and Check Them Often

That’s where record keeping stops and analysis begins. No progress can be made if the improvements are not recorded for comparison and checking if the right speed, progress are in order to ensure resounding finale is achieved.

We’re grateful that you’re joining us in making resolutions work, and wish nothing but the best for your and yours as 2017 unfolds. Happy New Year.

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