Natural Herbs: Health Begins Today

How natural herbs enable a healthy lifestyle

Natural herbs and organic foods are great for anyone who desires traditional home remedies as opposed to Western medicine.

I imagine when talking about what stuff that goes into our body, we come back to GIGO computer ancient fact that says what garbage in, garbage out will come from your programming. It’s the same with our body, our temple so to speak. When we take it as a temple, a place of worship, cleanliness and good practices, then our body should be cared for as such.

A tired body cannot be expected to give birth to creative mind, strong spirit and actively working towards completing our goals in life. That is truth, simple and honest.

Our body is but a vessel in which we need to put in good ingredients, natural foods, water and nutritional supplements if necessary. In some acute circumstances that include prescription drugs to balance out the hormones.


However whatever food we take, there’s bound to be garbage, bacteria, excess or even toxins that needed to be removed regularly. Still there are some additional steps to take like taking supplements to eliminate toxins or go the natural herbs way like drinking boiled water with South African leaves. This ingredient is great for natural bodily cleansing and this is how the health begins. One can get this from most herb-based farms or just search the internet. It is thru plucking an off-shoot from an existing plant and then plonking onto the ground and then with watering and patience it will grow until like this in 2 weeks.

What’s great about South African leaves?

Well it can be chewed alone and it can be brewed just like tea. The taste is bitter to some but welcome relief to others in terms of curative powers. Hopefully it will also do for you.

In the end, we need to go back to nature, there’s plentiful of natural stuff in around us and it takes a little research to learn. We don’t have to learn the entire thing but just learn the simple quick what-you-want-now and that’s knowhow=knowledge X success (experienced by your own body or someone close to you) can be shared.

We love to share success stories or advice on health and whether others listen to us or not, it’s their own decision. We tried best to explain, share and we live to serve and that’s good enough for us to sleep well, wake up zesty and ready to engage the world on anything that comes. 



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