Titanic : Each day nearer our end or our goal?

Titanic : What is the meaning of purpose in your life?

According to wiki-answers, http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_meaning_of_’Titanic  “Titanic means” having a great size, or great strength, force or power. The word comes from the Greek “Titans.” 

Yes according to that wiki but what is about the movie Titanic that reveals the purpose of our life? Do you know we are on the Titanic each day? I meant we are all dying and day’s over, we are nearer 1 day to our grave. What do we do with this harsh but true fact? I don’t know; some might suggest forget it and move on and some might ponder over it and move on. But in the end we are still on the Titanic each day. Same question is asked on what if tomorrow never comes, what is it I want to do today? Do I spend time counting my money, willing away my money, taking care of my health, doing what’s nearer my goal? Do what I wanted now and enjoy the moments of Zen awareness as I sip my coffee and buy the best food I can savior?

But in the end, who cares, we are all our own demons, decision making and whether we make a decision or not is what I want to strike into your heart, mind and soul! We all want to have a good life in terms of health, wealth and happiness but do we actually do something about it and be deadly serious about it? Come on, if you do, you won’t be here reading this article or unless this article will move your back ass and wake you up like Eureka! Archimedes found that water floats stuff differently for different materials!

What HMS Titanic did is raise the bar that we need to be more serious in our daily life and not waste an hour or two doing something that will not bring us nearer our goals in life!

Let’s us take this day and seize the day, carpe diem and do what is nearer our goal and same time nearer our grave but we are thankful and ready for death if it comes, this is wake up moment for us all and I loved to do that and repeat this rarest of message of the Titanic theme to wake you up. Somehow your life will never be the same again, like when we removed all the brain stuff from our head, we cannot put them back into place again. Something has changed, for the better; I hoped for you and pray, tell me when we meet again!

Some Titanic themes for your viewing pleasure:

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