Belief : All things are possible & certainty thinking

How Certainty thinking is key to baby walking!

The holy books speak of belief, sometimes we need to make the jump and leap of faith before we can believe. That’s Superman, Man of Steel to say that! It is also the seed of determination of success when we say we are certain, we are certain and that’s when a pauper becomes a prince, when success is assured. Like in insurance, life assurance means it’s for sure we all will die and we need to prepare the next generation with our own seeds of finance.

So when we speak of belief, we speak of certainty. Wallace Wattles in his book, the “The Science of Being Great” hit the nail on the head when he says act with certainty. When that happens, all will stop and witness how the person with belief will do what the baby knew all along, the baby success formula that “If we don’t give up, it will be a done deal”. It’s for sure and secret as to why any baby can walk and walk for years and years to come.

So when the Certainty is ingrained and never off the radar screen, the world had better watch out for this dreamer will never leave any stone unturned to get what he wants. Like remember when we had to watch aTV show, we will run not walk, avoid any friends who will take our time certain , had our dinners in quick rapid succession, gobbling and not minding the quality or taste as we singularly wanted to watch that TV show and rushing to get all the tidbits ready and watching the clock all the time. When the time comes we are ready or almost ready and then we sat in front of the TV and we watch what we planned a week ago and we do it again if needed be.

So the secret to success is still having the belief that you will get it and you are certain to get it and then all sorts of ways will manifest to you and the time it takes for completion is up to you!

That’s the power of believing and the power of certainty thinking for you!

So are you certain of what you want and clear on the benefits and joys it will bring to you? When that’s a clear sign, the world is waiting for you to do it, just do it and be done with and move on with your life! It’s is your choice, as was always your choice that makes it or break it as far as dreams are concerned.

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