Healthy habits – How to Quit smoking

Healthy Habits- your journey towards better health & joy in life!

The reason why you should quit smoking is because you want to. Not any nagging, campaigns or doctor’s advice. When that reason/s clicks with your want, it will outweigh your excuses for continuing to smoke, and then you are ready for being healthy.


Decrease Your Risk of Lung Cancer, Lung Diseases and an Early Death!

Quit smoking begins anytime , it be “National Smoke-Free Day”, your birthday but the benefits are immense :

  • ·         Saves you money – each pack a day times 365 equals a great holiday


  • ·         Smells fresher in your room, car, clothes and body


  • ·         Breathing becomes like awareness of serenity and better life ahead


  • ·         Prevents secondary ailments of people you loved around you
  • ·         Self-confidence having being able to overcome personal poor habits


  • ·         More control of your life in terms of time, exercise for a fitter you
  •      Healthy weight loss


  • ·         Less likely to suffer lungs and health ailments


  • ·         Live longer and less suffering in and out of hospitals


  • ·         Likely to let loved ones see you in better health, live and enjoy longer


 It is It is not easy to quit smoking but before you start


  • ·         Ask for community or professional help


  • ·         Ask friends and close relative not to smoke around you


  • ·         Decide to cut done smoking during working hours


  • ·         Pen down the reasons why you need to smoke


  • ·         Pen down the reasons + 1 more above, why you need to not smoke,


  • ·         Postpone your lighting up a minute or two for a reflection or two


  • ·         Tell the world that you are quitting smoking and need their help
  • ·         Don’t empty your ashtrap until it’s a big mountain


Having chosen your quit smoking reason and getting help is by no means a simple act. For instance it is a norm to stock up cigarettes, buying on way whilst rushing to the office to buy your news, lighting up after a meal or during coffee breaks, it is by far most important to delay or postpone that habit. It is the break that causes habits, especially habits, formed over years and years that will allow a streak of hope, reason to separate you from that stick.


It is that moment in time that matters, not any reason but the reason why you chose to not light up that will make or break your determination to be free from smoke and cigarettes and claim your personal glory towards self-better in terms of health, for you and those around you.


Best of luck!

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