Easy steps to early retirement

Early retirement – be ready otherwise work till you drop dead!


Early retirement planning is a priority for many a motivated person after graduation. If that is the key goal in your life, you need to priorities your time, energy and resources and most of all be disciplined and always focussed on the final happy retirement goal.

Here’s how

  • 1.   Be clear what your dream requires of you.

What would you want to do after achieving financial freedom? Where do you live? How much money you are budgeting for each year of your remaining life? This is necessary for calculating your total retirement savings required plus investments yields in order to generate the amount you budgeted to spend each year. You ought to cover all aspects of your annual requirement including taxes, inflation and even health insurance.

  • 2.   Create a huge income or multiple incomes

This requires smart thinking of which profession that is high pay. After all you need to work hard, live a rush-like life and doing stuff that’s probably unsatisfactory.  Example of such high-paying jobs might be investment related, sales related or new engineering development.

How to Retire Early

early retirement

  • 3.   Reduce your expenses.

Anyone with a high paying salary risks falling down harder if spending is not under control. It’s like playing catch with the rich and buying stuff that is fashionable, high price, high maintenance for example, designer clothes, sports car, grandiose condo, phoneblets etc. That way it retards the retirement age to forever as it is costly to maintain such social and high lifestyle but doesn’t lead to retire early goals.

It must begin with a monthly surplus mindset, that way, you never go bankrupt. Keep that monthly savings into retirement investment in regular tranches for long term mutual index funds, preferable with little or no charges. Remember most rich people made their money from real estate, stocks and their own biz and not from working for others.

  • 5.   Keep reminded of your retirement goals

It’s so easy to give up and splurge. Many a friend or even a close family member will try to spend for you and unless you got a firm idea what your retirement plan is, you’ll need your reasons to keep doing till then.

  • 6.   Leverage yourself

Thru upgrading your own skills in mastering money, be it in raising capital, saving or multiplying. By investing in yourself you have earned your keep many times and this skills will keep on increasing your self-worth and assets growing in years to come.

Here’s some additional info on early retirement :

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