Personal Finance Training – Money is My Friend

Personal finance training by Phil Laut

Welcome to this personal finance education by creating a prosperity consciousness. Introduced in self-published book, “Money Is My Friend” written by Phil Laut, Available since 1979 and published in multiple languages for readers who seriously seek wealth and betterment. It is about discovering the fundamentals principles that defines the 4 laws of financial independence for you and your family.

The first of the FOUR LAWS OF WEALTH


Basic premise is all human wealth is created by the human mind. It is based on the idea that abundance is there, i.e., if we give and share our info or products sufficiently, wealth will flow to us


The value of money is determined by buyer and seller in each and every transaction and involves the enjoyment of the things you spend money on


Save a percentage of your income habit is a good attitude. This extra together with abundance thinking will be multiply your finance thru the 4th Law


This is about putting capital and money to work for you in order to increase money money. It is also the synergy of the first 3 laws since increased earnings, reduced spending, more savings will result in bigger available capital for investment.

This book, “Money Is My Friend” contains many advices, examples of how ideas, practices and thinking will result in making your financial life prosperous and satisfying.  Since over 400,000 copies have been sold, in 15 languages, you are not alone in reading this great book. By all means read this book at least twice, thereby halving your costs of purchase.

Don’t’ just reading it twice, apply the ideas and you will master what’s necessary in self-reliance and eliminating financial problems from your life! Armed with this 4 pillars of wealth, if you desire, you are in a better position to find financial adviser who has your interests at heart.



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