Ways to fight depression : Day After The Great Holidays

Self help ways to fight depression

It’s a great fun-filled, forget-about-time and pleasurable activities when we spent the weekend over at Genting First World Hotel. And on Sunday afternoon, when we returned from the holidays, upon reaching hometown found it hot, stuck in traffics and honking all over the place. But no place like home is what we loved to say. This holiday is great until we reached our home.

The home floor is covered with fallen flowers, leaves and rubbish that needed instant sweeping and cleaning. The holiday used clothes bundled up needed to be prepared for washing, the water containers to clean, aired but there was no available cool water for drinking (the newly boiled waters needed to be cooled down for a few hours). So we opened a few RO waters bought and kept before hand, especially for the morning after holidays.

Come Monday morning it’s back to the grind to face the traffic jams, early rising and the hot weather is not welcoming at all. Instead sweating thus required a quick shower and body tiredness was the general feeling. Help on ways of coping with depression is a great welcome.

end your depression

On way to work, it felt like it’s going back to prison and as if we went out on a holiday away from prison and we are going back to the jail. That’s Monday blues for you. The morning is spent waiting for colleagues who never turn up after a big holiday and you are stuck in the morning waiting for something to happen. We are that angry, bored but we are stuck in this working place until 5pm today and still the rest of the week to follow! That’s bleak alright!

Bear in mind studies have indicated “after holidays” is notorious for heart attacks especially after a few rounds of beers, sitting around on your backside. Especially if you spent more money than planned for and done more activities beyond what you normally would have done. All these add stress. Not listening to your bodily symptoms of heaving, sleeping late and getting up early, having heavy meals with excessive overindulgences can be detrimental. Help with depression and anxiety should be priority in these circumstance.

It is advisable to do the following self help on ways to end depression and anxiety to ensure sanity, motivation and good health:

  • Maintain your morning exercises during holidays
  • Clean your home before you leave, unplug the electricals eg auto-reboil thermo-flask, water pumps for the fountain, ensure at least a set of working clothes is ready for the next working day
  • Start your laundry when you reach home
  • Take an extra day off or arrive home one extra day earlier before holidays end
  • Have an extra holiday the next weekend to take a breath before fully engaging in work
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