Weight Loss tip: Smart Science of Being Slim

Whenever we made up our mind on weight loss and decide to get rid of the flab and add muscles to our body, we’ll experience a new high. However when it comes to implementing and preparing for travel to the gym or even begin exercising at homegym, it is never easy. This health tip article will start you on a new journey towards achieve your goals in weight loss.

What are the most common physical exercises that come to mind when the word gym workout is mentioned? Strength training, resistance training and accentuated by the tempo and repeats and how much time have to be spent on these activities. It becomes boring and heavy work and somehow dampers our enthusiasm.

For instance strength and resistance training may focus on increasing your muscles and burn off fats and if you desired these, good for you!

Resistance training is the norm in gym exercises and usually involves applying weights and or elasticity. It requires many reps i.e. repeats for the number of times one needs to complete a specific exercise routine. The other term tempo applies to how fast or speed to execute a certain exercise routine.

However for many a beginner, it is preferable to have a good start and take precautions to avoid personal injuries and avoid accidents. Begin not slowly but with smaller weights to build up the momentum and have a training plan. It is imperative not to over-exert and create muscular tears or tissues damage and end up more trouble and suffer permanent injuries i.e. contradiction the original intention.

If necessary have a frank medical discussion with your doctor and also a physical therapy trainer in hand. It might add costs but never have to feel sorry later. It also helps to dispel myths, add clarity and focus to your training and end results since your exercises can be tailor-made to suit your own temperament, hours and physical condition.  A new trainee can always do own research and still attain weight loss but preferable to ask for advice when visiting a gym to ensure the proper preparation and techniques are performed for fullest benefits and maximizing results.

Fortunately, a new book is available and it adds excitement to the art of being slim and debunks many existing guru on weight loss programs in the market. The book, “The Smart Science of Being Slim” written by Jonathan Bailor, promotes HIIT, i.e. High Intensity Interval Training, appropriately titled now as new science but builds upon previous works and appears highly effective.

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