Mini-retirement : Money Truth hurts & How to create money instantly

4 hr-week, the truth about breaking free from traditional work-till-you-die deferred-life-plan thinking. Would you want to work for just 4 hours a week and spend the rest of time pursuing hobbies and unravel the meaning of life, improvising your life or biz plans?

Tim Ferris

How to mini-retire today!

What do you want? That’s the key to success. Whatever it is, I am happy for you. What do you want? Peace of mind to go holidays, anywhere and anytime?  But do we actually want to get such a dream come true?

We don’t want to do that, that’s the brutal truth. We don’t want to believe that much as we don’t like to hear from the insurance agent who tells his prospects bluntly. “Are you going to die? Will you leave something for your family? Will you die in peace? If so, good, I won’t disturb you again. If not, listen to me, for no one will tell you the Money truth about working for money, retirement and health!” It’s like Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” talking about the pangs of a salary-man, waking up each morning tired, sick and broke. And about being told by the boss, “Don’t come back tomorrow! If you want to come back, write me a 10 page report what you can do for me and why I should take you back!”

 The truth hurts, working hurts, no money hurts and all you can do is forget the pain and hope it goes away in the morning. No, the truth is you can only postpone the pain, but it will come back the next day bigger and more attention grabbing.

Which leads to this well-written book, “4 hour week”. The author Tim Ferris, is a young guy who insists life is meant to be enjoyed, lived and making money is a matter of re-organizing your projects, outsourcing and getting others to follow your management plan. Let the book inspire you to find your niche, start a biz and pursue your goals and dreams to retire early! Even better still, learn now so as not to regret later.

Anyway as the title says, there’s a tons loads of advice, proven and really works. It provides the blueprint, anecdote style of how to escape the rat race, earning income by working less but more efficiently and retire early.

 The big concept here is “mini-retirements” and “outsourcing”. It is this unpredictable economy where old age doesn’t guarantee peace but a lifetime of anxious moments as governments prolong retirement age, poor health and medical fees escalating that one should not wait. Instead embark on a mini-retirements trips around the world and at the same time outsource your work to ensure you stay focused on the main thing, management

 Here’s a few blogs ideas on this and some videos for making instant money for you whilst you stew your mind of what “4-hour-week” can do for your life!

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