Motivation- key to breaking walls towards personal success

Motivation is what moves heart and head together towards what we want, good or bad. It’s both internal and external forces that work in sync or alone and ultimately starts our day with zest or pain.

Money & You motivation program

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Money & You : Introducing a personal motivational program combined with financial literacy

It is a function of our internal communication and rewards system upon impacted by  past personal experiences, real or imagined, when going thru life. Experiences are mere experiences but our interpretation is what holds meaning for us. A failure is just a failure experience but when you use that failure to learn something and then make a change and re-double your efforts to achieve success, then that failure is not a failure but is a learning experience. It’s a win situation. But it is a total failure if you give up. 

Similarly, readers who wrote in to search for Dr. Yap in earlier acupuncture article really makes this blog writing truly satisfactory and motivating as it serves and heals and being asked to help is a truly great feeling.

The basic notion of pain or pleasure is what guides a person to do something. Inherently it also boils down to attitude with towards bias or away bias, i.e., wants pain or get rid of pain, wants pleasure or away from pleasure.

There are many consequences of motivation or de-motivation depending on the motives. There are always 3 sides to a coin.

Below is a compilation of sites offering videos and e-books, researched over a single nite to ensure your life from today will never be the same again! Also full compliments and acknowledgement to those sites and contributors those are willing to gift something to us and enlighten our lives and hopefully motivate us to the next level!

Hopefully “Today is the most motivated day of your life!So listen and read up, and start your day with one of these freebies and never be down again in your life. Better still share this article and brighten another soul.

Life is simple. It’s just a matter of figure it out and let this site influence your level of motivation to work out and decide what’s best for you in terms of finance, health and happiness.

Here’s some of the best blogs and motivation videos :


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