Home exercise – key to excellent health

Why most people start living & exercising after being struck with a deadly disease?

 It is a shock to hear of news that someone close is struck with a deadly disease, e.g. cancer. All sorts of looking for excuses as to why him, why this disease arise, what can be done now, the worries of financial impacts and a life of vegetation come to mind. It’s a fact life begins only when disaster struck.

 Why do we wait for such a calamity? Why not enjoy life today onwards? Why do we not take care of our health when we can and not instead postpone, delay and forget about the things docs always advised? Exercise (preferably home exercise routine for fitness or workouts), eat naturals, sleep 8 hours, drink 8 glasses, think positive, have dreams, be passionate about life, have socializing circles, do good.

It’s funny why humans always leave to the last minute, when we just need a few minutes, dollars and care to uplift, share and grow old without regrets. Remember the dying man always has only two regrets, “if only he has done” what he wanted to do” and “if only he enjoyed living now” instead of waiting for the retirement day to start enjoying but that never came.

 Hopefully this article will jolt the living daylights for anyone to start the basic cause of all human failures. To do it consistently and be iron-willed like Nelson Mandela and never, never say no to laziness and carelessness about our health.

 It’s the reason why workout using home exercise equipment especially the lajin bench not the gym each morning after we done our morning biz that is the starting blocks of great Presidents. No Leader ever starts the day without a healthy dose of exercises both physically, mentally and spiritually. Why not emulate these leaders and be faithful to your health and begin to enjoy the day instead of dragging your body thru the day and coming home tired, angry and stop there? 

 It’s good to listen to good health advice and to do what we can for ourselves and not wait for the good doc to do what you can do for yourself. Life is always about self-responsibility and when you do that, you automatically can face the world confidently, knowing you have done your best and being a good example for others to follow and you speak with conviction, purpose and benevolently.

 To be healthy is the most important attribute for anyone for without health; there can be neither wealth nor happiness but a life of hopelessness, loneliness and dependency.

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