The Perfect Day

What’s the definition of Perfect Day? It’s the dream day of many a soul. It’s the morning of the day after you retire or quit the rat race. And it’s simply having the leisure to wake up at your chosen time, going for a stroll, a swim and sipping coffee and watching the world’s best employees rushing by, breaking traffic rules, honking and texting and very busy going to work. And you taking the time to soak the moment of freedom from the rat race, enjoying watching like a spectator of someone in a rush, perpetual cycle of hurry to work, sleep, work, and sleep and then die regretting what the heck, the world is ending.

The Perfect Day is started by about shitting, pissing and taking whatever pills you need and moving on with the first thing to do this day and having the afternoon off to watch tv, movies or even enjoying a full lunch talking about how to add passion your life like making money, what to write on a blog to influence readers. It can be on what’s you want to share with the world e.g. your philosophy of life, success and happiness and health.

 It’s also the day to reflect your achievement to-date and what’s holding you up and what the next thing to do. We don’t always see the solutions but it helps us to ask someone who has done it or read a book that gives you some ideas. But these always, always, always come back to this. You are ultimately responsible for your own life, and only you, nobody else, care what happens to you and only you, yes you, can decide and it’s a done deal. Nothing can be further than this simple truth. We move forward after that decision. Whether we do or we don’t do something, we still moves in time, getting closer or farther from the goal, short term or long term. So whether we sit around, do something we are moving, man, nearer or farther to the end result. That’s why Einstein says, to succeed fail more. To get Edison’s extreme example is 10000 experiments, or 1000’s depends on which article you read about him. It doesn’t matter as long as you do it. ”Just Do It”, Nike says. That sums it all beautifully in 3 words. That’s all that matters. Only the goal and you matters, the rest of the world can rush up or even throw up, the bombs here and there don’t matter, what matters is are you living the Perfect Day?

The Perfect Day is what is natural, simple and should be just like Every Day in your life. Now that’s a great idea!

 What this requires from you is not commitment, but 100% commitment, like it or not, it’s your wish or funeral as one old auntie told me the other day in a hospital as she’s was going from bed to bed, evangelizing about God. Her contented face tells it all, she’s happy to accept Him and her parting message, “If you do accept what I said, great for you, if you don’t it’s your choice”. Nobody forces you to be born and nobody forces you to keep accepting this job. You are free, you have a choice and you better be serious about your own life journey or you end up searching for the Perfect Day that never comes but yet it comes Every Day if you can see it!

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