Merdeka – True Independence is financial independence

Merdeka means independence from a foreign power. It usually began with a history of struggles, negotiations and involved military excursions. Bloody or not, there is always a price to pay. After all Merdeka is not something that came easily.

 Malaysia gained its independence from Great Britain in 1957. That day, for each subsequent year, is now celebrated with parades, fireworks and joyful spirits, with little attention to the pain, heroism, sacrifices, worries and long tiring journey to achieve it.

 Besides focusing on partying, lepak and enjoying the holidays, it’s also time to reflect freedom beyond colonization to our personal financial independence. The latter, too, requires similar strong mental, physical and sacrifices and teamwork in order to prevail.

 This article on financial independence is about retirement. It’s a struggle daily to meet the boss’s and his customers’ needs, rushing out on dark rainy Monday mornings, fighting the jams, struggling with multiple end-time deadlines and the nagging worries that bills have to be paid for utilities, food, house and also the broken door etc. Normally one works for years and years accumulating enough annuity and retirement fund until old and if still healthy enough to ensure the fruit of labor. This is deferred life plan.

 Is there another method to achieve personal retirement faster? Yes, there are many. Just visit your local library or even bookstore and you be hard pressed to choose the right book to buy!

 It is our duty to equate Merdeka with our personal financial independence from having to work for a living. Learn to create multiple sources of income, keeping expenses low and multiplying what’s left to insure our future as soon as possible. Keep reading and use the directory for more resources on this.

Till then good luck and best wishes, Happy Merdeka!



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