The Power of Now : Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Each day we wake up and we find ourselves doing our morning rituals or habits of clean up, food up and rush to work. In the meantime we entertain a stream of thoughts, mostly things not done yesterday for today and worries nagging not far behind. We are automatons in our usual daily habits and rarely change our patterns, though the stuff might change over time.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment written and published by Eckhart Tolle in 1990s, translated in dozen of languages and millions of copies sold worldwide.

This article is not about spiritualism but layman terms on the Power of Now. It’s about keeping still, mindful of the words that are swirling around our head and stop, taking stock of our physical and mental situation. It’s about using all the 5 senses of what we now see, listen, touch, taste and smell at the moment of Now. Do we recognize what is happening around our body and mind now?
This habit of taking stock is not addictive but a welcome exclusion from daily routines and allows us to be awake, albeit for a few minutes a day. But those damn few minutes can be terrifying for first timers as we felt jolted, overwhelmed or awakened from a long sleep. It is uncanny how we suddenly realized, hey, we do breathe and there’s body movements internally and the sound of air gushing thru our nostrils and we can even hear the statics in our head like a nite in the wilderness.
This exercise of being aware of the Power of Now is about raising our consciousness of our dreams, our choice of vocation and taking time to review our plans and results before we plunge again to start the day.
That is the deep consequence of this Power of Now. You either get it or you remained in reverie throughout your entire lifetime without appreciating and enjoying what life has to offer to you and what you can do to realize your dreams.
How to we attune to the Power of Now? Just take time to listen to the voices in our head and aware of our voice, walk and presence in our surroundings. That’s all and cultivating this awareness is all there is to this exercise. To prolong this enjoyable exercise is to induce conscious breathing and visualizing of breathing in colorful energies and exhaling stress, pains and anger. It is akin to Zen satori sudden enlightenment whereby one gets an aha! experience indescribable in words!
Hopefully this article will awaken your choice and subsequent participation in allowing, enjoying life as it comes. Remember what’s past is gone, what’s future is yet to be seen but you can do something for now, the present moment and that’s all you can do. That is the simple message of The Power of Now within your own control.

Here’s some interesting videos to explain

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