7 Key Financial Decision – Investment Plan for peace of mind

This article expands what was previously written as one to top 7 key financial decisions on our wealth, health and happiness index. This is what turns your kept money into an asset creating rivers of returns or incomes towards your bright future and dreams.

What’s investment plan? It’s the financial management

a)by allocation of money to put into different baskets and

b) getting returns depends on your risk appetite, time frame and goal.

It is the aim to ensure we can retire comfortable and our children are taken off financially should misfortune strike early.

If we don’t have a plan, sudden windfalls from lottery, stocks or bonuses, will be finished in no time. Cash is trash is what Robert Kiyosaki calls it. Unless you already have a investment plan in mind, the cash is always ended as trash by wanton or unexpected expenses like sand running thru our fingers!

What are typical income-producing assets? It can be stocks, real estates especially your own home, mutual funds, insurance or fixed deposits. Some can be invested into partnerships biz. Of course all these require some knowledge and it is important to consult an expert or read some books and join some like-minded forums online or offline. Don’t be sucked into some high powered seminars or schemes that promise instant wealth. Better still, keep to simple investment ideas, and don’t listen to sophisticated market talks such as “options trading, money market, warrants or commodities”. These talks are very seductive like high leverage, buying shorts, proven by scientific and nice looking graphs, charts and colored by MACD, Fibonacci ratios and other euphemistic words. Take time to talk to those who failed and hear them out besides the so-called “experts”. Hear but make your own decision and ultimately never begin without a plan.

How to begin your personal investment plan? First invest in yourself! Before investing into any of these assets, better use is to spend your hard earned money into self-knowledge by purchasing some of these recommended books. This is the best investment idea you’ll get today from this article. Walk away from this reading knowing unless you practice what you have read, you’ll lose it all. Time, cash and energy is wasted for the simple reason that we forget 80% of what we read in a day’s time. And when we lost money in investment we blamed the book, the writer, the market but not ourselves. Therein lies the difference between a good investor and a loser.

What’s good investment planning? It is up to individuals. To retire as soon as possible or to get dreams achieved as soon as possible, or to enjoy life as it comes knowing your children are taken cared of financially. Good planning will turn our dreams into realities!

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