Minute Motivation : It Only Takes A Minute to Change Your Life

Minute Motivation to get ready to change your life is always a difficult thing to do. Even though it is the key to success in order to build the kind of life, one can only dream about.

This book review is honest, straight to the point and all because the purchased book was well worth the time to read and money spent. The wisdom of this book is too much not to share with anyone who happens to read this review!


Minute motivation

It takes a minute to change your life

What does it take a minute to motivate? Because it takes the minute you decide to go after your dreams. Everyone has the opportunity each minute to do just that, after all everyone has the same 60×24=1440 minutes per day.

The key to success is when you dream big dreams and then decide to go after that. We have within us all that is needed. All the tools and resources are there! Success is a choice especially when you chose not to listen to the no-sayers, make a decision that whatever bad things happen is for a good reason. After all if success is so easy, it’s not worth it.

Life is going to say NO! People will deny you but if you persist and never give up, resistance is futile. You are never finished when you fail to quit and persist.

The above words come from Willie Jolley, radio host of “Magnificent Motivational Minute”. Get his book, “It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life” and this motivational and inspirational resolution that will show you how to release the power within you.

Amongst his chapters written in small paragraphs are :

• It only takes a minute to change your life!

• To do the impossible, You must dream the impossible

• Goals : Dreams with a deadline

• As a Man thinketh!

• I’ve got a new attitude

• Just gotta keep kickin’ never give up

• What’s Love got to do with it? Everything!

• Blessed assurance!

• The sky is the Limit

• Small steps takes on a mighty long road

The power of positive thinking is hardly a new idea. The concept of motivation hasn’t just burst on the scene. But Willie Jolley packages both of these ideas in a brand new way, injection those power-packed motivational messages with his unflagging energy and enthusiasm. For years, Willie has offered his radio audience a bright spot in their day : a little  caffeine for the spirit. His “Magnificent Motivation Minutes” have encouraged his listeners and inspired them to pursue their dreams and take control of their lives!

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