Klang acupuncture – how to relieve pain fast naturally

Chinese Acupuncture is a method of improving bodily functions and natural healing. This practice involves inserting needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points in order to stimulate flow of blood and energies.

The modern scientific explanation of how acupuncture works is that it stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord and brain or trigger the release of certain chemicals or hormones to influence the body’s natural healing abilities.

This medical practice helps to in

  • Promotion of good health and well being
  • Prevention of disease
  • Treatment of medical disorders eg. Digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, neurological and muscular disorders, reproductive problems.


Recently I had my first time experience with acupuncture. I woke up one Sunday last week before Chinese New Year and it’s spring cleaning time. This time I felt very different, there’s was pain on my back on the right side and my right thigh was numb and muscles painful. I brushed it aside but I knew I cannot help in the house chores. I was reduced to an old man sitting on the sofa all the time and it’s painful not being able to contribute but yet suffering in pain and I couldn’t stand up for long. It’s embarrassing but it’s real for me. Came Chinese New Year festivities but the pain refused to go away. Tried all sorts of ointment which felt cooling and when that ointment is dried and gone, the pain is still there. I tried self massaging and it was no use. Funny thing was that when massaging there is no specific area in my thigh that has the pain. I knew this is more than muscles pain but then came the busyness of visits from friends and relatives and me visiting others. Week after CNY I was in Genting Highlands and heard how jammed it was up at the peak and so I parked half way the mountain near the Skyway to take the cable car. But the queue was so long, had to stand in the queue to board it, more than an hour. It was painful on my thigh but I did wait until it’s my turn to board. Checking into Highlands Hotel was easy. But I did more walking during dinner time and inside the casino and generally enjoying the cool weather and seeing happy faces around the resort especially kids.

Then at nite at 10 pm it was too much for me and I laid down and that’s it, I refused to get up and slept there.

5am, got up and walked around the lobby and the Genting complex, saw a few people slept on the corner sofa, probably no rooms available and I had porridge and a cup of coffee. It was painful for my right thigh and I was limping but I went to the park-bench in front of the hotel to enjoy the cold breeze and watching the few cars that came and went and it’s peaceful and quiet. That’s the best part of a holiday.

When I returned home, I finally had to do sth and went to visit a certain Chinese physician cum acupuncturist in Berkerley Garden. The doctor, Dr. Yap, was young and spoke English and I was happy to relate my problems, immediately was put onto a bed and after quick examination on my thigh and back it’s time for me to lie down on my side. He put 4 needles on the thigh and 7 on the back and then switched on a battery-like and then the needles started vibrating. No pain but slight enough and I was left alone. So I began recalling about comics and tv jokes about acupuncture, that I began to laugh to myself. Suddenly I felt pain, big pain on my thigh. I told the doc and he says it’s painful if I move my body and when I laugh I was doing just that! Now I learnt acupuncture the hard way. Then I told the doc hey, my thigh is burning and he says it’s the heater lamp! Talk of first time experience!


Anyway it was over in 30 mins and on my drive back home, I noticed the pain was gone! What I suffered for 3 weeks and it disappeared in half an hour! I was relieved and I did come back for a second session three days later, this time to relieve the numbness and surprisingly it too was gone in half an hour. I never felt so pleased and my only regret was not coming to see him earlier.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to try this Acupuncture. Anyone interested?

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  1. I don’t even understand how I finished up right here, but I believed this put up was once good. I don’t know who you’re however certainly you are going to a well-known blogger when you are not already. Cheers!

    • Legendar says:

      I would be very careful about reyinlg exclusively on acupuncture for depression and anxiety. If your acupuncturist also specialized in chinese herbal medicine, I would consult with him or her about adding this to your treatment regime. If he or she isn’t qualified as a chinese herbalist, I would look for another acupuncturist. Unlike acupuncturists, western naturopathic doctors use herbal medicines the effectiveness of which has been confirmed scientifically. Be sure to consult a licensed naturopathic physician who has graduated from an accredited medical school. Two natural treatments that can be effective are passion flower and vitamin D. You can get sufficient vitamin D from sunshine during most of the year (you have to go outside and expose some of your skin, of course). In the winter you can supplement with capsules. Finally, depression and anxiety, while triggered situationally, reflect a deep condition of your brain chemistry. Don’t aim for perfection. Accept that you will have ups and downs. Failure to accept this will cause secondary reactive depression as you respond negatively to having a down day. Your best long term treatment for depression is the development of creative work and hobbies. On down days you can turn your full attention to these (it will sometimes take a bit of self-talk) and your excitement will substitute for your negative mood.

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  3. Jeff says:

    Hi, can you give me the contact of dr.yap, berkerly garden acunpunure.

  4. Jason says:

    Hi, could you post the approximate location of the clinic in Berkeley Garden that Dr Yap practices at please? I’m suffering from a bad back and would try anything for relieve. Thanks in advance.

  5. Liew (Mr) says:

    Can you give me Dr.Yap’s contact no. and his address in Berkerly Garden.
    I would like to try his acupuncture treatment.


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